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titanic brewery

About Titanic Brewery

Titanic Brewery was founded in Burslem Stoke on Trent in 1985 with one goal, to produce great beer! Burslem was the Mother town of the Potteries and had many great names who had started their careers amongst the bottle kilns and smoke. Wedgwood, Doulton and Claris Cliff all served their apprentices here dedicated to bringing the world the finest china. In Etruria just down the road Captain Edward John Smith was born. He would go on to command the world's most famous liner. It is in honour of him that the brewery was named.

From humble beginnings Titanic Brewery has grown beyond all expectations to produce in excess of 2.3 million pints of fine ale every year. The Brewery is owned by Brothers Dave and Keith Bott who have overseen the steady rise in production.

In 1996 Titanic began brewing for demonstration purposes in a log fired Victorian micro-brewery on the Shugborough Estate. Details of our Shugborough beers appear on the 'our beers' section.

The Ethos

Beer is our National drink and should be afforded the same reverence as the French give to wine, if anything our product is superior having a much wider range of flavours. The quality of our products is key to the success of our company; we want the widest possible opportunity for drinkers to enjoy them. The tied house system which operates in the UK closes the door to many potential customers so we have had to travel far a field to sell our wares. Now as more and more customers are demanding local produce we feel it is time to consider the beer miles it takes to deliver our beer. We have worked closely with other brewers for many years to reduce our transport costs.

Why on Earth would you want to transport a product that is 95% water any further than necessary?

We continue to recycle every container in which we supply draught beer, we have taken huge strides to reduce the amount of energy consumption in the brewery and we have always tried to conserve water by turning it into beer. The product we produce is natural and, in moderation can have health benefits. We use only natural ingredients and use a process that has changed little in 100 years.

Every little helps

It is our opinion that as a business we are responsible for our future. It is our goal to continue to run a sustainable business; one that does more good than harm to our environment and our community. We will continue to endeavour to produce great beer and will strive to do so in an ecologically friendly way, through SIBA we will try increase availability in our local area so that we can reduce beer miles still further and we will continue to support our local economy where possible, offer employment to local people and support our local community in any way open to us.

So here's the challenge!

Every time you go into the pub ask for a local beer! It will really annoy the lazy half witted licensee who doesn't care what he stocks, or it will wind up the good licensee enough to demand local beers be included on the list of products his pub owning company allow; or best of all it will thank the great licensee who really wants to give his customers the best money can buy!


Titanic is a member of the Society Of Independent Brewers (SIBA)