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Titanic Brewery - Cappuccino Stout
Titanic Brewery - Cappuccino Stout
Titanic Brewery - Cappuccino Stout

Cappuccino Stout ABV 4.5%

The combination of the brewer's and the barista's talents this fabulous beer combines the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm, enveloping smooth cappuccino. Relax and enjoy, with or without cholocalte sprinkles.





SIBA Midlands Beer Competition




SIBA Midlands Beer Competition 




Chorlton Beer Festival Beer Of The Festival









STYLE Specialty Ale
see Black
smell Coffee, Molasses, Nutty
taste Coffee, Roasted, Chocolate
BITTER Bitterness 8 out of 5
SWEET Sweetness 7 out of 5

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Nelson DJ says: I tried this delicious brew at Deacon Brodies Tavern in Royal Mile Edinburgh, and it has been the best beer I have ever tasted. We need to have it in the US.

John Bennett says: Best beer for me at the Colne Beer Festival.

Chuma says: Congratulations - Fantastic aroma & taste, very pleasant, smooth and very quaffable - had it from cask/hamdpump @ The Black Friar, New Bridge Road, London - this is a clear recommendation. Go and try this if you can get your hands on it.
Chuma from Germany

Martin Miles says: Can't decide on a coffee or a beer. Then have this stout instead - you will not be disappointed!

Nick Brown says: My wife has just come back from the Field House in Solihull and she has not stopped going on about this "crackin" beer.

I think it has made her day. Well done

Andrew says: Just had a pint in the Oakford in Reading, Beautiful! Great body, still a stout, but flavoured brillantly. I thought one would have been enough but, if it wasn't for work, I could have sat there for the afternoon happily supping.

Wayne says: Recentley tasted this at the Haymarket in Edinburgh and was astounded at the richness and body. A wonderful beer that I would rank in my top 10 - having been a CAMRA member for over 30 years that's saying something. Stunning beer, an excellent example of the beer style - thanks.

Nelly says: Simply superb!

Mike says: Had a pint in Tuners Mill Redcar, very nice, may have more today

Maureen Robson says: Absolutely Stunning Beer!!!!!

Roger T says: What a fantastic pint - discovered it in Tennent's Bar on Byers Road Glasgow - incredible taste in an incredible place -recommended must try for everyone.

catharine says: What can I say, fantastic. Normally I have ale as a shandy, but not this one, best Ale I have ever tasted!

Ian Carter says: Guest beer at the Stretton Fox, Warrington. Needs a permanent slot...its one of the nicest pints I've had in years

Peter Buckley Hill says: Superb. Currently (19th April 2013) available at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, London W1. An amazing coffee taste blended with beer. Actually more espresso than cappucino, but highly recommended.

BT says: This is the best beer I have ever had. Just had a pint at The Foxglove Huddersfield. Fantastic!

dave says: I had a pint of this in The Bugle Horn, Stone near Aylesbury and found the taste and the aroma of the coffee absolutely delicious. I can definately recommend it as I know you will not be disappointed. The brewer's have a winning stout here.

david shakes says: This is the best pint I've had by far recently. I too enjoyed it at 'the field house' in Solihull. Great flavours and aromas and brilliant aftertaste.

Ant Smith says: Had several pints of this and the first tasted as good as the last.

Fantastic Beer.

Anne says: Had this in the Salisbury in Winchmore Hill, London, today. Absolutely gorgeous - not too sweet, very moreish. As a fan of stouts I would rank this is one of my favourites

Manny G says: Best beer to say the least! Can you buy it in the U.S.?

Dan Blan says: I had a couple of pints of this on Sun 9th June 2013 during a family outing at the Snow Goose, Inverness while up visiting relatives. I'm a big real ale fan and particularly of stout... and this is a CRACKER! Couldn't stop going on about it throughout our meal. I have to say it made my day! Only wish it was as accessible at home in London. Hmmm... maybe I'll move! Thanks Titanic for such a tremendously enjoyable brew :-)

MannyG says: "BLOODY AMAZING!"

bella says: it is a brilliant beer i loved it that much i would love to know if you would make it again

Jeff Green says: Drank this great pint in the Muggleton Inn in Maidstone. Very smooth with a great bitter finish, more like this one please!!

Ian Hart says: Sampled this stout in Dumfries last night. Amazing!

Jason Sprat Bradley says: Best stout in my 30 years of drinking pints.....

Steve says: Bought a pint in the imperial exeter.Absolutely gorgeous beer.

Lisaloo says: Absolutely gorgeous!

Dave Dodds says: The nicest stout I have ever tasted, highly recommended.

sam says: very nice

Adam From Bristol says: I got a sore head this morning from drinking so much of this very moorish brew last night.. Lovely stuff!

Editor, The Leicester Drinker says: Without doubt,the best new beer I've discovered in 2013. Rob

Ian Peden says: Just had some in my local Wetherspoons, 16/11/2013. Did I say some?. Had one pint then another Half a dozen, just to confirm my first thoughts. Absolutely outstanding ale. I think possibly the best I have ever tasted. Well done.

Pete Turner says: The large number of rave reviews here for Cappuccino Stout just shows what a fantastic beer this is. Literally, sounds so wrong, tastes so right! Whenever you see it, grab it and enjoy.

Sean says: For me, this was the highlight of the Belfast 2013 beer festival. A combination of my 2 favourite drinks, stout and coffee! Heaven.

Tony says: Came runner up by ONE point at the Belfast Beer Festival. (over 100 beers on tap)

Paul Moore says: Tried this last night in the Castle Inn in Manchester. Amazing beer. Absolutely blew my mind. Superb in every way.

Stuart says: Really enjoyed this at The Troll Cart (Wetherspoons) in Great Yarmouth at the end of the summer. A really nice blend, full of flavour, with the coffee tones lasting throughout the pint.

Ruchard Westley says: Absolutely amazing beer, tried this at a local beer festival and I'm very disappointed not to find it in any local pubs!

Josh Fitz says: This is the best beer I've ever tasted. I tried it at Oddest bar in Chorlton, Manchester last night and I was quite simply blown away! Immediately I began evangelising this to all my friends, insisting they try a little. We all agreed, this is something truly special. No doubt I will be back there very soon to get another rich, creamy fix!

Dave G says: Had a few pints of this at the Wellington in Birmingham... we all loved it! By far the best pint I've had in year. We want more but you don't sell it in a bottle!

Nick says: Agree with all the positive comment about this truly amazing Stout. The smell, taste and after taste make this beer the best I've ever had. Spent a whole afternoon in the White Star, Stoke enjoying this. Please Titanic.... We want more.

Pete Benbow says: Had this for the first time this weekend at the 2012 Shrewsbury Folk Festival - my favourite beer of over 40 real ales on offer - lovely stuff.

Steve Rowland says: Had a pint of this at The Prince Rupert in Newark and absolutely loved it. I am now looking for it nearer to home in Bristol.

Carol Miller says: Fantastic stout. Enjoyed a few halves at the Falmouth beer fest until it ran out. It was my favourite stout of the day. I would love to have more of it.

Helen Byrne says: Tasted this at the Chorlton beer festival and nothing else comes close! A certain famous tea and coffee co. sell chocolate coated coffee beans, and this is like a liquid version of my favourite treat.

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