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Titanic Brewery - Chocolate and Vanilla Stout
Titanic Brewery - Chocolate and Vanilla Stout
Titanic Brewery - Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Chocolate and Vanilla Stout ABV 4.5%

Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Titanic Brewery is rightly renowned for their Stout. Having won many awards over the years for a genuine dry stout this beer offers a delightfully sweeter alternative. Brewed using Roast Barley and Maris Otter Pale Malt which give a huge amount of rich body to the beer and a generous amount of English North down hops to create a bitter edge, the sweetness comes from the addition of Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla. It is so rich and opulent that it seems like a pint and a half in one glass!










CAMRA West Midlands             2014
West Midlands CAMRA Beer of the Year - Speciality Beer   2015  


STYLE Specialty Ale
see Black
smell Chocolate, Vanilla, Roasted
taste Smooth, Chocolate, Creamy
BITTER Bitterness 8 out of 5
SWEET Sweetness 7 out of 5

Click here to go to the Cyclops web site says: Tasted this at The Great British Beer Festival [2011] - out of the many beers tasted that day, this was my favourite! Excellent! But where can I buy it???

Rob Cramer says: I was in Oxford last spring and had the distinct pleasure of a few pints of your Chocolate and Vanilla Stout, which was on tap at one of the older pubs in town. Now, as an American, my opinion may not be held in high regard, but I have primarily drunk UK, German, Dutch and Belgian brews in my nearly 60 years. In all that time I have NEVER had a more delightful draught than I had that day. Whenever the subject comes up, yours is named as the best brew I have ever had.
I was drawn to your tap by the name, as my great aunt and uncle perished on the Titanic. I imagine you have seen the films, and family lore says that the the old woman who stayed behind rather than leaving her husband was my great aunt. I am not absolutely certain that those were my relatives, but I can confirmed that my aunt and uncle did board the Titanic on that voyage, and did not return to land.
If ever you decide to ship to these wicked shores, please let me know. Even after bottling and the long voyage, I am sure the brew will be worth the price.
Thank you for a wonderful memory,

Tom Robinson says: Had a pint of this Beauty in the "Brewery Tap" in Chester. Amazing aroma of chocolate and a lovely depth in flavour. Only problem was when I went back to get another, everyone else had discovered how much of a good pint this is and the barrel had gone. By far THE NICEST pint I have had and I wish this treat was easier to purchase as I would probably be in constant full suply.

linda purenins says: absolutely delicious - pity morrisons dont sell it all the time

Mark Mc /Cumbria says: The Chocolate & Vanilla stout is superb a dessert in a bottle.

Hayley says: OMG! Best drink ever! Tried yesterday at Sibton White Horse Beer Festivsl - delicious!

Paul Thompson says: Had this for the first time last night. Superb! Any chance of your reps selling to a pub in Grantham?

Doctor Pint says: The initial aroma of chocolate was rather unusual but after a mouthful I was taken with the complex flavour. Bitterness is balanced by the sweet hints of chocolate and vanilla. An interesting drink.

nick says: Had a half last night... honestly one of the best stouts I've ever drunk.

Andy Myers says: Tried this at the Engineers Arms, Henlow this week. The best beer I have ever tasted. Unbelievable flavour, well balanced.

ps says: Had a pint in the Wellington B,ham, last thing Saturday Night, Beautiful stout please sell it in bottles so i can drink it a home.

Chris from Salford says: This stout makes a fairly regular appearance at the Trackside in Bury, one of at least nine different draught real ales they have on a weekly basis and it is by far and away my favourite. In fact it is my favouritest ever beer! Now they have it in bottles at Morrisons supermarket under Morrisons own brand brewed under licence. Xmas will be great this year!

robert woodliff says: Shared a bottle of this for the first time tonight , great flavour , very full , sweet , may even go on ice cream ? Not sure if I would have more than one on the trot , two at the outside . But would return at a later date . Great work you guys .

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